Word Building Boards # 1 and 2 are perfect for teaching young readers how to encode with short vowels, the chunks 'an' and 'am', the long vowels, the digraphs, blends, the chunks ang, ank, ing, ink, ung, unk, ong, onk, and two syllable words. Students use the 3-D foam letters and the alphabet tiles to build words, and engage in a multisensory experience with the chunky letters. Use Boards # 1 and 2 with our Word Building/Spelling Kits, Levels 2-13 (digital downloads), and with our Flip Charts, Levels 2-13 (digital downloads). Also, use our Color Coded Sound Blocks, to enhance the word building experience, and to deepen students' knowledge of phonology. Our unique color-coded system helps students to learn about the different kinds of letters and sounds in the English language.' />


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