Training for Teachers, Tutors, and Homeschool Parents

Our comprehensive teacher training program teaches Teachers, Tutors, Speech and Language Therapists, Reading Specialists, and Homeschooling Parents how to effectively utilize the Lil’ Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM curriculum, to teach pre-readers, beginning readers, delayed readers, and disordered readers.

The full training for Lil’ Reading Scientists’ Certification, consists of 45 hours, broken down into individual Modules, which are completed one at a time. The training is online, and includes assessments, practical assignments, the task of assessing students’ current level of skill, and video observations which are sent to the training center for review and feedback.

Teachers, Tutors, and Homeschooling Parents may take one or more of the Modules individually, and do not need to complete the entire training process, if they do not seek certification.

To inquire about the Lil’ Reading Scientists Literacy Solutions TM Training and Certification programs, please call 973-879-9598, or email us at