We Build Strong Readers!

Options & Fees for In-Home Tutoring & Mini Classes

1) Free Literacy Screenings!

Free literacy screenings are offered to all children ages 4-18 years old, in the privacy of your own home! If you would like to know if your child’s literacy skills are on target, or if you are concerned about your child’s reading, spelling, or writing skills, participation in the free screening will pinpoint the areas in which the child is struggling. An individual plan of remediation will then be suggested. To schedule a screening, please call 973-822-3200.


2) In-Home Mini Classes   (Pick your days and times!) (1 or 2 Hours Per Week) (20 Week Session)

The LRS MINI-CLASS is a flexible option for your preschool child in SO many ways! Pick your day. Pick your time. After your child’s free assessment, the Director will help you to choose the skills that will meet your child’s needs. ENROLL WITH A FRIEND, and watch your child’s skills soar! Individualized attention, State Certified Teacher, hands-on learning!


  • 2 Students: 1 Hour Session/wk: $550.00 per Student

  • 2 Students: 2 One Hour Sessions or 1 Two Hour Session/wk: $1100.00 per Student

  • 3-4 Students: 1 One and a Half Hour Session/wk: $750.00 per Student

  • 3-4 Students: 2 One and a Half Hour Sessions/wk $1475.00 per Student

3)  In-Home Individual Tutoring (Pick your days and times!) (1 Hour Per week) (20 Week Session)

If your child needs more individualized attention, the individual tutoring option is for you! After your child’s free assessment at LRS, an LRS Instructor will meet with you to decide what skills to include in your child’s individualized program. All LRS Instructors are State Certified Teachers which results in a hands-on, multisensory learning experience.


  • 1 Hour/wk: $1380.00

  • 2 Hours/wk: $2575.00

4) Services Offered:

After your child’s Literacy Solutions Screening, pick and choose the skills to cover to  CREATE a Truly Individualized Program for your Child:

  • *Dyslexia remediation (Orton Gillingham Method/Wilson Reading System/Structured Literacy)
  • *Reading instruction and remedial reading therapy
  • *Spelling instruction
  • *Reading comprehension
  • *Reading fluency
  • *Writing instruction (paragraph, essay, term paper, creative writing)
  • *Study/Organizational Skills
  • *Proofreading
  • *Vocabulary
  • *Grammar
  • Enrichment Tutoring and Mini Classes!

*All Lil’ Reading Scientists’ Instructors are Certified Teachers, and they are additionally Certified in the Lil’ Reading Scientists’ TM Orton-Gillingham based Methodology and Curriculum (Structured Literacy).