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About Lil' Reading Scientists

We promote literacy in young children by building a solid foundation of language, pre-reading, reading, spelling and writing skills through Orton-Gillingham-based methodology, in an exciting and stimulating way.

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Programs For Students

Lil’ Reading Scientists offers a full spectrum of literacy services and programs, including free literacy screenings for students, full literacy evaluations, small group literacy classes, individual reading therapy, FastForWord Therapy for auditory processing disorders, and special events to promote reading, writing, spelling, handwriting, reading fluency, and reading comprehension.

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Resources For Families

Lil’ Reading Scientists offers links to local and national resources, in an effort to assist parents in finding services and answers for children with roadblocks to literacy development and mastery.

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Become a Lil' Reading Scientists Licensed Provider

Become a Lil’ Reading Scientists’ Licensed Provider, and help children to reach their potential by giving them the gift of literacy! Change your life today… and change a child’s life forever!

"Miss Jenelle, thank you for teaching me how to read".
- Pat (student)